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Samples of the previous published issues have been distributed to the libraries of important European research institutes and universities.

16 seed and, when it does, we’d like to say we called it.

(Without admitting, of course, how many times we didn't call it.) The number of people who pick brackets online is increasing. Since a 16 seed is unlikely to advance to the Sweet 16 as well, that huge upset pick is liable to earn only a single point in your bracket. 1 seed still is the most likely NCAA Champion and Final Four participant.

A Georgia toddler was burned when police threw a flash grenade into his playpen during a raid, and the manager of a Chicago tanning salon was confronted by a raiding police officer bellowing that he would kill her and her family, captured on the salon’s surveillance.

An elderly man in Ohio was left in need of facial reconstructive surgery after police entered his home without a warrant to sort out a dispute about a trailer.

De la salle de concert où elle se tenait autrefois, distante et respectée, elle descend dans la rue, les stades, les usines en grève, les cinémas, les fêtes populaires et toutes les manifestations.

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