Who is tim duncan dating now

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It also allowed him the chance to strip off and pose like a muscle man -- an act he never needs to be asked twice to perform.

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The Blue singer-turned-Hollyoaks actor, 39, showed up at the launch of Camden's newest hotspot Gabeto restaurant looking very cozy with his tall, dark and hunky companion.

Duncan posed with his plus one, both looking smart in shirts and slacks.

He's pals with everyone from mega-investor Warren Buffett to Jay Z.

In 2014, Forbes named James the World's Most Powerful Athlete, and in 2015 James announced a partnership with the University of Akron to provide scholarships for as many as 2,300 students, beginning in 2021. James' cautious activism »Arguably, it hasn't happened yet.

The couple looked desperate to hold each other's hands, but instead assumed their positions in front of the photographers and concentrated on being snapped.

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