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The two were first spotted talking at a charity event at the start of the year (while she was still with contractor Gary Anderson), and Nate grabbed fans' attention earlier this month when he posted a picture of them together at the Lady Ducks fashion show.Most recently, Christina was seen at a hockey game cheering Nate on from the stands. news that the two were "just friends," but the evidence points to the something more serious.

But if you happen to be on that path already, you'll have no shortage of athletes trying to get your digits.

news is exclusively reporting that Flip or Flop star Christina el Moussa has been dating Anaheim Ducks hockey player Nate Thompson for about a month.

It probably has something to do with the inexplicable popularity of soul-sucking reality shows like .

Not that the women on those shows are anything I'd want to aspire to, but I suppose the heart wants what the heart wants.

Morin hadn’t met us for more than a minute before she began describing a new poutine place she recently discovered offering spicy Portuguese chicken and chorizo that tops her hometown’s gift to the world. And as soon as she’s done the interview, she said, she was excited to go off and eat French fries. And my dad never watched hockey, never played, and both my brothers are musicians. I think I went to my first hockey game at 22 or 23 years old—I was super old. I was like, “This is so stupid.” And I used to be a figure skater, and there’s a big rivalry between hockey players and figure skaters. I know tons of girls that are unfaithful—they’re not my friends, though. He’s from London, Ont., he lives in New York, and I’m in Montreal. My first year [as a hockey girlfriend] I was looking at the scene from afar. I was a little scared because she has a bitchy face…

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