Are dustin zito and heather marter still dating

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VH1 KICKS OFF THE SUMMER WITH A HOT NEW SCRIPTED SHOW FOLLOWED BY THE RETURN OF SEVERAL FAN FAVORITES VH1’s Hotly Anticipated New Scripted Series “Hit The Floor” Set to Premiere Monday, May 27 “Tough Love: Co Ed,” “VH1 Couples Therapy,” “Hollywood Exes,” “Stevie TV,” And The “2013 VH1 Do Something Awards” Round Out the Summer Schedule NEW YORK, NY, (May 9, 2013) – VH1’s summer slate is bringing the heat.Leading the charge is the new scripted series “Hit The Floor,” a drama about the steamier side of professional basketball.Returning this summer are three shows about love and relationships: “Tough Love: Co Ed,” “VH1 Couples Therapy,” and “Hollywood Exes.” The network is also bringing back the irreverent sketch comedy show, “Stevie TV,” which puts celebrity and pop-culture squarely in its cross-hairs along with the altruistic “2013 VH1 Do Something Awards.” PREMIERES “HIT THE FLOOR” PREMIERES MONDAY, MAY 27 AT 9PM* “Hit The Floor” explores the sexy world of professional basketball and the dancers who make the fans (and players) go wild.

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, and I am a little concerned about how I'm going to go on without the weekly adrenaline jolt I've been getting from judging everything Joe Francis says, does, wears, and eats, and don't say follow him on Twitter because all he does is retweet compliments misguided idiots give him.

Thank God the only ones who are still together -- came into this with a lot of potential deficits: they were the youngest; the audience may have known the most about their messed-up childhoods (and, for real, there's a lot to unravel there, starting with Catelynn's substance-addicted mother used to be with Tyler's jailbird father); and though they weren't the only reality-show alumni among the therapy patients, they were the only ones who had cameras in their faces during what were still formative years.

And maybe they'd be ranked lower than this if they'd been in the house longer.

(Joe claims they were only there for the last three days, but he claims a lot of things, which I'll get into shortly, so: grain of salt.) They also came into the house with a lot of notoriety, given Dustin's porn past, which Joe, at least, was determined not to let anyone forget about.

The Real World: Las Vegas is the twenty-fifth season of MTV's reality television series The Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.

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